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Art by Marcus Callum

Original Paintings & Fine Art Prints


Fine Art Paintings | Modern Artist

Experience the captivating fusion of realist painting and contemporary themes with Marcus Callum, an award-winning artist based in York, North England. Known for his visually stunning paintings that exude emotional depth and energy Marcus transforms his studio into a sanctuary where extraordinary paintings emerge. With decades of experience and a lifelong passion for his craft, Marcus specialises in creating original artwork, including custom portraits. Immerse yourself in his unique artistic vision.



Prints sold online here

Original paintings for sale here

My Story

When I was 8, I had this big dream - I wanted to be an artist. But life didn’t exactly roll out the red carpet. Like many of us, I’ve had my fair share of tough times, heartache and not feeling like I belonged. My dad was my rock, my superhero. Then, when I was 24, I found him... he’d been gone for 4 days, passed away from a heart attack, all alone. That moment completely broke me and devastated my entire family. The world turned into this dark place that I didn’t want to be in anymore.

It took me a whopping 18 years, but I fought my way back. Through meditation, healing, exercise, and just being thankful for the little things, I started to see the light again. That’s when I decided I wanted to do something positive - I wanted to make the world a little more beautiful with my art. If my paintings can bring a little magic into someone’s life, perhaps make their day just a bit brighter, then it's worth all the effort.

Ever look at Leonardo Da Vinci or the Old Masters and wonder, "How did they do it?" That’s the magic I’m chasing. My paintings? They’re not just colours and shapes. They’re layers upon layers of light, emotion, energy... it’s like alchemy, turning paint into emotions that just hit you right there. And when I’m painting, it’s like I’m in another world, almost like I’m talking to my dad again, through my art.

I’m all about sharing this journey, my ups and downs, hoping it might help someone else feel a little less alone in their struggles. And when I’m not up to my elbows in paint? I’m hanging out with my family and friends, making every moment count.

My latest adventure - the Yorkshire Three Peaks, a 24-mile hike with a 5000 ft ascent. Crazy, right? But it’s all about living life to the fullest and chasing your dreams, no matter what.

Please let me know if you fall in love with any of my work. If you have specific requests, contact me at


Paintings for sale


Specialising in large paintings for interior spaces.

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