Why Commission a Portrait Artist?

A photograph tends to capture a static moment as seen through the eyes of the photographer whereas a beautifully painted portrait vibrates with energy, and can capture many different aspects of the sitter conveying a multitude of different emotions. Through the artist's interpretation and psychological insight, you see the sitter through the artist's eyes in a history of paint layers often painted over many weeks or months. A good portrait painting captures its sitter's essence and resonates powerfully with the viewer.

What to Consider When Choosing a Portrait Artist

There are many factors to consider when selecting a portrait artist to commission a portrait painting. Look carefully at the artist's work and make sure it's of consistently high quality. Be wary of cheaper portraits. Portraits take a lot of time to complete and the more skilled an artist the more you can expect to pay.

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Commission a Portrait Painting

Marcus’s classical training means he is able to capture an accurate likeness. Once this has been achieved, he makes way for intuitive interpretation and imbues the portrait with an energy of its own.

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