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Born in Scotland, Marcus is an Anglo-Australian artist celebrated for his realist portraits that bridge the divide between the timeless grandeur of traditional oil painting and the nuances of contemporary artistry. His works transcend mere physical representation, and delve deep into the psyche of his subjects, eliciting a profound emotional resonance within viewers, and opening an enduring dialogue between the art, the observer, and the portrayed.

​Benefitting from extensive training in Sydney and at the New York Academy of Art, Marcus has spent his career perfecting his craft, leading to a reputation synonymous with excellence. His artistic journey includes accolades such as the Dame Joan Sutherland Award in 2014 and a distinguished scholarship to the renowned New York Academy of Art in 2015. Further testament to his artistic calibre, Marcus was a finalist in the prestigious Archibald Prize for three consecutive years from 2011 to 2013.

​In 2015, Marcus's steadfast commitment to artistic distinction was rewarded when he secured the coveted Black Swan Portrait Prize (now rebranded as the Lester Prize), earning him a place among the top tier of Australia's realist portrait artists. His artistic influence extended beyond local boundaries when he was selected as a finalist in the esteemed Art Renewal Center International Salon, a recognition that solidified his international standing over several years. In 2018, he won the Shirley Hannan National Portrait Prize which further fortified his reputation in Australia.

Marcus's extraordinary paintings invite viewers to explore the rich tapestry of experiences and insight, relish in the exploration of the human psyche, and continually discover new layers of emotional depth.

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